Brighton has been able of working with some of the leading financial corporations and institutions in the world and a number of government agencies in order to support the very large size projects, such as power plants and heavy duty manufacturing equipment, by providing financial assistances to the ultimate users and investors of the same. The financial assistance to the projects typically involves equipment leasing, partial investment participation and/or straight forward project financing, etc. The previously involved and experienced financial companies and government agencies by Brighton were:

  • General Electric (GE) Capital of the United States;

  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank;

  • Export & Import Bank (Exim Bank) of the United States Government ;

  • Export & Import Bank of the Chinese Government.

When a project is identified and launched, Brighton will assist the ultimate investors of the projects of selecting and preparing the financing application forms to the suitable financing companies and/or government agencies, which largely depend on the nature of the project, the status of the investors (private vs. government owned projects), the credit worthiness of the investors/borrowers, etc. Brighton is well experienced in this sector by directing and helping the potential borrows to the right financing sources, thus it would save time and efforts from the point of view of the borrowers.

The purchasers and/or the investors of the equipment or power plant projects would be responsible of borrowing the funds directly from these various financing sources introduced by Brighton. Brighton's role in the process is to assist the borrowers of securing such project financing. In addition, Brighton would be the supplier to the projects when the financing to the project is secured. Then the borrowers of the projects would be responsible for the repayments of the loans to the lender(s) directly.

When the financing of the projects are secured, then one can safely assume that the project will be completed according to their plans, since the payments for the construction of the projects would be provided by well financed companies and organizations, there is almost no risks of incompletion of the project due to lack of funds, which is quite typical faith for large size projects in the third world countries. By working with these leading financial organizations in the world, Brighton would be able to support the ultimate investors and users of the equipment and projects by providing turn-key services to the projects.

Note: Brighton as a corporation, which has multiple operating entities. In this documentation, we specifically describe the business scopes of only one operating unit (Engineering Services Group) of Brighton. For detailed information on Brighton's other business operating units, please refer to the website of Brighton at: